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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Daughter I tell ya!

I love her so dearly but she is my "mis-understood" one. She gives hubby and I sooo much grief. Often times we just shake our heads...
Here are a couple of examples...
A few weeks ago she came into our room at 3:30 am, flipped on the light, and at the top of her voice screams Cock-A-Doodle-Doo. As my husband and I both scramble to our feet, she just grins really big and closes the door. I was so furious ! First off I am one of those horrible moms that just doesn't like to be awoken. Never have, but I have adjusted once I had children.
Then a few nights later I wake up to this horrible banging noise... Hubby was already awake (from the noise) and had gone to investigate. He said as he opened her bedroom door she had her drum cymbol in one hand and her drumstick in the other. Since it was 2:30 in the morning he confiscated her entire drum set and told her to get to sleep.

I honestly thought that since she started Kindergarten she would do better with sleeping... Nope, she still doesn't sleep.

In her school they are doing a reward system where each child has a monkey on the board and if you do positive things your monkey gets moved up.

Apparently she has been talking in school. Not really getting into to much trouble but just talkative. Anyhow, she came home on Friday and I ask her how she was doing with her monkey and she replied "MY MONKEY HASN'T MOVED". It was all I could do not to laugh. Then on Monday she comes home and again I ask her about her monkey and she tells me "She had to take that monkey clean off the vine and put it on the teacher's desk"....
Again talking.
I honestly thought it would be her temper that would get her into trouble but apparently she doesn't have one at school, just with her brothers, father, and I :)!

Let's hope her monkey moves up tomorrow!



Thursday, August 5, 2010

All Grown Up

Ya know they grow up soooo fast! My youngest will be going to Kindergarten soon and I am honestly not looking forward to it.... I am just not ready for it... It's just too fast! I don't think I struggled quite as much with my son because I was honestly looking forward to the time I would have with her..

Although I have always called her my "patience tester" I am still really going to miss her!

Speaking of testing my patience I awoke to her playing her drums about 2am this morning lol...

Anyhow just thought I would share a few photos of her along the way! This first photo is one of my favorites! It is actaully an embroidery hoop she put on her head lol!

She gives her brother that infamous look :)!

This was one of my dad's favorites!

To where she is today :)!

Congrats big girl!!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Have you ever played goldfish? Well I have recently taught my 2 youngest how to play. Yesterday they begged me to play! I was in the middle of an order I was working on and had a few minutes while the wax melted so I decided to play :)!

I love my daughter dearly but to be quite honest she is a cheater when it comes to Goldfish... She is my ornery one for sure. In the middle of the game we're going around, it was my son's turn... He said Summer do you have any 4's, nope she replied, go fishing. Now it was her turn.... "Mom do you have any 4's". It was all I could do not to laugh, not only did she have a 4 but she had ask me for it instead of Gavin.. Wait a minute I said, Gavin JUST ask you for 4's and you told him to go fishing. Oh mom I must have just fished for it she replied. I didn't have a 4. I just now fished for it. :)

So I am trying to explain to her that is impossible because she hadn't "fished" for anything as she put it and she needed to give him the 4 and it was still his turn.
So I look at Gavin and said "ok the card you just fished, you must put back"... But mom I want that card too ... I didn't cheat he said, she did.... Well she did not like being called a cheat at all..

Fast forward a bit and it's Gavin's turn again, Summer do you have any Queens... "Go fishing".. Now it's her turn Gavin do you have any Queens... I said Summer he just ask you for those and don't tell me you "fished" it.

No mom she replied I just get really tired of everyone taking my cards so I just tell you to fish when I feel like it...

This card game lasted for what seemed like forever... My wax became melted and I went to dip the Cinnabuns and Crows, chuckling the whole time about the card game!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Day in the life of a Puppy

Oh my this past week has been an interesting experience to say the least. Our new puppy is named "Sparkles". My daughter wanted to name her Sparkles Lolita Keith Wilson and I somehow managed to get it shortened to "Sparkles". I should have named this dog "holy terror" because she is one little terror. Actually she is a West Highland White Terrier. I should have noticed that when we got her "terrier" is really close to terror lol...
Here is a photo of her when we first got her..

She is something of a MESS I tell ya! Here was our day with her the other day......

The kids are in the kitchen playing with her and I am in the living room working on laundry. All of the sudden they start yelling "Good girl" Sparkles has pooed on her puppy spot. Then the excitement gets more intense. As I walk into the kitchen to pick up the poo the kids are yelling, I can't quite make out what they are saying, but they are excited. The puppy had poo'd a bright pink balloon. The kids of course wanted to keep it and let it "grow". They wanted to turn this into some kind of science experiment.
I am trying to explain to them this is not good for the puppy and they really aren't "buying" my story... "but mom you said she couldn't eat crayons, and she has eaten lots and lots of them," I heard one of them say... Then "and you said chocolate could kill her but she ate my chocolate chip cookie"..... I guess I am lucky, I have a dog with a stomach of steel... Being that I have 4 kiddos that is a real necessity lol..

On to the middle of the day and I look up and Sparkles is running around the kitchen with something in her mouth.. I wasn't sure what it was so I go to investigate. Apparently the kids had given her a "glow stick" to play with and she had broken that open. My son is horrified because he said his dad told him "there could be acid in those". I look at him and said "NO not in a kids toy, surely NOT". I call his dad and find out it was merely a ploy to keep the children from breaking them open... Well do you think you could have told the DOG this perhaps.

Oh well I thought, we'll be able to find her in the middle of the night lol...

Last but definitely not least, I am still putting away laundry and I returned a call to my grandmother about a question she had for me. The kids were in the living room playing with the puppy and I stepped into my bedroom to answer her question. I spent about 5 minutes talking to her when the kiddos ran into the room.
I hung up with her and put on a show "America's Funniest Animals".
They were excited, and quite frankly it was time for them to settle down a bit because it was getting close to their bedtime. I sat with them for about 5-10 minutes and I decided to go add my spices to hubby's supper. He was working late and I wanted him to have a hot meal when he got home. I stepped into the living room and saw they hadn't put Sparkles back into the kitchen. (Let me preface this by saying the puppy isn't allowed on the carpet unless someone is with her because she is not completely potty trained yet. It is much easier to clean up messes off a hard floor than it is carpet, so I don't let her into the entire house yet).

I saw Sparkles and my heart sank to the floor, she looked as if she was covered in blood. I began to chase her and noticed she was running quite fast for an "injured" pet. She ran to the other end of the coffee table and picked up something. It was a pink paint bottle. It then dawned on me she wasn't in fact covered in blood but barn red paint. She had gotten hold of one of my paint bottles and had split it open. There was red paint EVERYWHERE, and I do mean EVERYWHERE.

I keep my paint in a very odd spot, but it had worked for me for years. I have a metal paint holder that spins around. It is a small rack, and I always kept it behind a chair in the living room. It is out of the way and is not normally noticed, until tonight. The puppy had found it.

Well 3.5 hours later and 3 steam cleaning sessions later, and 4 puppy baths,my carpet is normal again.

Needless to say, the puppy is fine (except she still has some red paint on her), the carpet is fine, and my paints now have a new home, in my closet where they should have been from the beginning.
Here is a photo of her after her adventure...

It was a long day,
Hugs Sam


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Forever and a Day

Oh my goodness it has been FOREVER since I posted in here. Time just gets the best of me. I love reading other people's blogs but I never seem to post in my own :)! I have got to get better!

We have acquired a puppy and I love her dearly BUT she is INTO everything and I do mean EVERYTHING! I don't know what I was thinking lol.. It's like having a 5th child!

I haven't posted on here in a while for a couple of reasons,
1. because my life tends to become "overwhelming" at times and
2. a lot of the research I have read online says you shouldn't mix personal blogs with business blogs. I am sure this is true but in all honesty I am a WAHM. I love what I am able to do, and I will be keeping the blogs together :)!

Now onto some stuff I have been working on, I have recently joined and I just love this site. A dear friend of mine suggested that I start making tags and things people could print themselves last year when I made some of my business cards to have her print, so I finally have. You can find a few of my things to the right of this blog. If you click on the links it will take you to a page where you can download them instantly. They are all things you print yourself.

Thanks so much Kathy for the inspiration... You can visit her shop here on Ebay... She prints wonderful tags, great paint cans, and just makes lots of neat things...
Click here to visit her shoppe


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